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Our vision is to fit every misfit,
In a world, where every voice is heard

We exist to believe in those who don't believe in themselves enough

That's the key to growth. To have not just one person but a whole community who believes in your full potential, And makes it your life mission to live up to the expectation

We want to see people succeed not despite who they are but because of who they are — Rare Breed mentality

What do we want to achieve?

Our mission is to build the most empathetic culture of unconditional givers who can feel “good enough” and worthy to share their voices so that they can orchestrate a better version of themselves

"Damned if we do, Dead if we don't"

What are our shared values? 🍁

1) Accessibility

- To have the support and guidance needed to become the hero of your journey
- To have leverage over opportunities and access over the right people (ride) at the right time (vibe) in the right place (tribe)
- A culture of one is a culture of none

2) Free Speech

- Authenticity is your cultural currency
- It takes time to sound like yourself, and practice*
- To find your signal in this noisy world, one must be LOUD
- YOU, matter
- It is for the brave ones to be heard
- If you can't change your environment, you can change yourself, and change creates change.

3) Generosity (our catalyst)

- Kindness is contagious, pass it on
- Other-minded mentality, not self-focused. We rise by lifting others
- To empathize is to find the echo of others in you (Mohsin Hamid)
- Compassion is a verb (Nhat Hanh)

Why does it matter?

Based on research, we know that this community is ideal for people who struggle with: 

  • Feeling like an order-taker
  • Feeling not good enough*
  • Doing meaningless work
  • Not being heard or taken seriously
  • Don’t know where to apply their thinking
  • Lack of feedback and affirmation

We created this community to address each of these struggles together!

Who are we not for?

  • We're not for people by the book
  • We're not for those who want to hold knowledge that they don't own
  • We're not for those “who don't have time” to invest in their personal development
  • We're not for those who want to get "design" knowledge
  • We're not for FOMO community shoppers who want to join all the communities in the space
  • We're not for those who don’t have a problem to solve

Who are we for!

  • The misfits, the rare breeds, underdogs, the rebels, the audacious change-makers, the indifferent impact-builders, the loud introverts, the guides on the side, the brave ones, the dyslexic thinkers, the quiet rulers, the meaning makers, the norm breakers, the problem seekers, the activists, the big-hearted WHO BRINGS THEIR BEST FORWARD
  • The mess in the masses
  • The unconditional givers
  • The unconventional thinkers
  • We are for those who do not accept the norms
  • We are for those who want to be accepted for who they are
  • The life-long risk-takers!
  • We are for those who live out loud
  • We are for those who haven’t found a community that they belong to, Yet*
  • We are for those who haven't put their thinking into practice

What value will you get as a community member?

  • Access to exclusive purpose-building events
  • Set & act on your values
  • Learn the skills that are not taught at business schools
    • Thought-leadership, Critical thinking, Empathy, Facilitation, articulation, communication, public speaking, leadership, and mindset
  • Gain perspective on where you’re going
  • Break your limiting beliefs and get out of your own way with the help of a mindset/business coach
  • Practice strategic thinking through workshop facilitation

    Brand Strategy

  • Accomplish more by doing less with our 12-week accountability program
  • Connect with like-minded thinkers from all around the world
  • Public guest speaking opportunities
  • +Bonus: VIP access to replays, workshops, tools, and resources that are worth over $1000 for free.

Where does the magic happen?

When you:

  • Make new friends, work 1-1 with one of our community members & party when we reach a milestone
  • Develop a sense of belonging (find your tribe)
  • Develop strong philosophies and points of view (overcome your limiting beliefs!)
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Weaponize your principles
  • Get support from your community peers
  • Practice your craft & you learn by doing interactive workshops without the pressure of losing your job!
  • Have a safe space to share your beautiful thoughts (ps, tabooed topics are allowed!)
  • Find high leverage opportunities (better clients, networks, tools)
  • Read more books through our book club! (get to meet authors as well!)

    Melanie Court

Why us?

Let's see what the members are saying:

"I got Instant feedback and exposure to new experiences, I learned to Access My Own Superpowers." - Damian Clarke

I remember the first conversation we had about creating this community and I honestly didn’t expect it to be this good. I’ve got to know some precious people, people like Nancy, Anks, Melanie, and Richard who I’d have never met if it was not because of the community… I appreciate it and I want to give back." - Selma Makuii

"Connecting with fantastic creators from around the globe has been a dream come true for me. Hearing multiple perspectives from around the world was invigorating. I learned a lot

You’ve created a thoughtful, generous community that shares experiences, learns, and grows together, teaching and mentoring each other. This is what I want to contribute as well.

Brand Orchestrate is a group of talented brand practitioners who lean on each other for support and encouragement. They share information and experiences, learn and grow together, and demonstrate how everyone benefits when a community chooses to give first."
- Lorri Johnston

"BO is accessible, personal (each person is in their own process) uplifting, and small ( the Futur was too big for me, I wanted something smaller) You push people out of their comfort zone ( if you need that push and want to be pushed) and give them a platform to practice and get feedback. You were the first to pinpoint my insecurities and to offer help.

If someone else believes in you harder than yourself then you want to make that time and be there. BO is that for me.

BO Believes in me, the rebel, the outsider, and the weirdo.

The experience for me is massive growth!

Bonus: you get nice connections on top of that the sweetest and most approachable people. It wants me to be involved and make time."
- Melanie Court

Not convinced yet? read more testimonials from here:


Why should we accept you if you don't:

  • 🤗 Give back to others while we're trying to build a culture of generosity*
  • Put intentions to participate, stay active, and create deeper connections (😬 30 days of inactivity will get you booted)
  • Pay the cost of entry (🔄 you can rejoin anytime and we will welcome you, but you must pay again)
  • GROW and help others grow with you

Why it's an investment?

Education when it’s free, people don’t act on it

So we added a fair price tag to exceed the value that we have so that our members can take action on what they learn

But also for us to be intentional about the community space and be actively participating & engaging with the group.

  • We have a business coach
  • Fees of the platform
  • Fees for the events & guest speakers
  • Fees of running a business (overhead)

Where is this community hosted?

The community is hosted on Slack

Will you show us around the platform?

Yes, we have it all documented!

Still hesitant?

Feel free to schedule an onboarding call with one of our community members to give you a tour around our space and address any concerns you might have.

Find your:

Onboarding Buddy

You can email us at

That’s it! we're looking forward to orchestrating your application process.

Until we meet again,
We will see you in traffic ~

This product is not currently for sale.
All memberships include a 1 week free trial

Orchestrated Perks

Access to Slack
Work opportunities
Unconditional peer support
Hub center library & resources
Mindset development
Subject matter experts
Build 1-1 relationships on the fly 🚀
Workshops, events, live, Q&A


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